Jun 12, 2013

Everything in my life is as a mess (as usual). My apartment is filthy, my fridge is on the verge of being classified as a biohazard area, and I really need to shave my legs. But my biggest concern is my unhealthy eating habits. I'm eating dirty and I want to clean it up. 

I'm addicted to refined sugars. I kid you not. I get moody and tired when I don't eat a ridiculous amount of sugar and then I have a terrible crash and am exhausted. So, first up on the "Marina, seriously clean up your life before I punch you in the face" project is.....

I really like "fresh starts", so I figured hey, why not do a juice cleanse to kick off eating healthier? I'll detox my body from all the junk I've been putting in it, I'll lose a some of this bloat and I'll shrink my stomach so it's not a bottomless pit anymore. I got excited and researched online for the best cleanse. After hours of scouring healthy people's blogs, I came to the conclusion that Cooler Cleanse was a legit cleanse and definitely the best tasting one. Taste was probably my biggest priority, because if I'm not going to eat for 3 days- this liquid nourishment better taste FAN-TAST-IC! I chose to do the 3 day cleanse- let's start nice and slow to see how things go before I jump into the 5-7-10 day cleanses- hahaha yeah right, ten days without eating. 

The obvious next step was calling my mommy to ask if she would pay for it because... HELP ME, I'M POOR. After some begging and negotiating and then finally pulling the "Don't you want me to look skinny at our cousin's wedding?" line- I was in- Mama ordered me the (VERY FREAKIN' EXPENSIVE FOR SOME JUICE!!!) cleanse. 

Today is my first day. I just got the juices in the mail- I ripped them out of the delivery man's hands. I love getting mail, even if it's just juice. For each day there are 6 juices (labeled 1-6 so you drink them in the correct order). 

The office fridge is full of wine, unfortunately definitely not on the cleanse program...

Shit, that's a lot of juice now that I see it all lined up.

I am literally 1/3 finished with my first juice, so I have no idea how this is going to go. I will post again at the end of the day and let you know if I'm having a hunger-induced nervous breakdown and/or killed anyone, yet. Wish me luck!!

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