lolas birthday gift registry.

Apr 18, 2012

It’s angel face’s birthday on June 24th, so I thought i’d give everyone a heads up on what she asked for for her BIG FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Barkin' Bandito Plush Toys- $15,

Barkin Bandito Plush Toys, $15,

Just like her mama, Lola loves tequila and cigars.

Pink Feather Canopy Pet Bed- $266,

Pink Feather Canopy Bed, $266,

So the princess can sleep in a princess bed.

Pinot Leasheo Canine Wine, $23,

Pinot Leasheo Canine Wine, $23,

Every girl needs some wine with dinner, and a nice light and crisp “pinot leasheo” should pair wonderful with lola’s white fish based dog food.

Mule Deer Hard Antler Chew, $17.50 per piece,
The beast chews through everything, we’ve resorted to antlers- she puts a dent in them but has a harder time breaking them down. She’s such a real dog.

Dog Playground, $21,000, dont ask me to source this, i just googled it.

Madison Square Dog Park isn’t cutting it for Lolita baby. I think it’s time she has her own private park to play on.

Wilson 3 dozen Baseballs, $119,

She eats through baseballs pretty quickly, so the more we have the better.

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