whats on my playlist 3/4

Mar 4, 2012

Azealia Banks- when i first saw her pictures i thought aw what a cute girl, what could she possibly rapping about? and then i heard the words coming out of my mouth and i may have blushed. if she can be vulgar enough to make ME blush, she must be pretty vulgar. but anyways, shes ridic. RIDIC. i have nothing more to say, just listen, and then thank me later.

check out 212 and liquorice 


Glass Towers-  they are so cute and australian- i just wanna squeeze their faces.

im kind of obsessed with jumanji


Rizzle Kicks- im into the whole british hip hop thing, i mean how could you not LOVE british hip hop?? its feel good music and i dig it.

check out miss cigarette and mama do the hump.


Rhye- i dont know who they are, and i dont care. this song is awesome, and the video is the most tasteful explicit youtube video ive seen. listen to it once, and try to not listen to it again… open


A Fine Frenzy- i have listened to last of days, probably 7500 times in the last week. you may have heard her on the vampire diaries. this song is from 2007, but she has a new album dropping this spring. keep an eye for it.


The Black Keys- if you havent heard of them yet, hurry up and get on it you’re a year late. just download the entire “brothers” album. i was obsessed with “howlin for you” last year but didn’t get really into them until recently. its just great music.


And a few more to check out:

Zero 7-Paegent of the Bizarre

Buddy Holly- Don’t come back knockin’

Maroon 5- The entire Songs About Jane album

Phoenix- Too Young

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