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Feb 27, 2012

once upon an epic bender, there was a girl named marina who decided to chase her shots of patron with a pitcher of beer. after 10 hours of drinking, dancing, and getting kicked out of lupias, candi was born. over the past few months, i’ve really gotten to know candi. and let me tell you, I LOVE HER… whose that girl?

now some people don’t like their alter egos (and EVERY ONE has a drunk alter ego, except for marc, that boy is just epic ALL THE TIME), but ive grown fond of candi. sure, at first i was a little taken back by some of her decisions-they were questionable to say the least. but you know what? im glad one of us is having some fun! not only has candi helped me have a great time, but she’s taught me some things i didn’t know about myself. and for that, i’ll be forever grateful. i know that college is almost done, and i wont get to spend nearly as much time with candi as i do now, but instead of being sad im just really going to embrace her for the next few months.

here are just a few reasons i love candi so much,

  1. she doesn’t think about tomorrow, or yesterday. she is completely present in the moment. she takes advantage of the good times that are happening now, and not worrying about tomorrow. she really lives in the present, even if its only because she has to focus all of her attention on not falling over.

  2. she finds the good qualities in everyone…the awkward looking boy is suddenly adorable because “has the cutest laugh”. EVERYONE is good looking in candi’s eyes, which is beautiful and touching and we should all learn from her.

  3. she has the BEST conversations with taxi drivers, um…EVER.

  4. she really knows how to get her moneys worth at an open bar. when a normal person would say “wooooah, i think thats enough for me” candi says “after 10 drinks its like drinking for free, so we need to take advantage of it!!”- champ.

  5. she stays up all night. now everyone knows how i love to sleep, i go to bed at 10:30- not candi, she likes to seize the WHOLE  day, she’s a freakin trooper and parties til the sun comes up.

  6. she gets TAKES what she wants. how i wish sober me could just be straight forward and tell everyone exactly what i think/need.

  7. she tells everyone how “fucking beautiful” they are, and caresses their face. aww, what a sweetheart she it.

  8. she falls with complete grace……and then swears at anyone who tries to help her up because shes a “big girl”.

i hope this makes you appreciate your alter ego, and please take the time tonight to have a few 15 drinks and get to know them a little better.

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