ready, set, WINTER BREAK!!!!

Dec 11, 2011

i dedicate this post to all of my Romans, round 2 is quickly approaching…

we all know i flirted with death over thanksgiving break, so i decided that it would be smart to detox for the two weeks between thanksgiving and winter break, so i could take on the next month full force.

today starts my final week of detox. other than the absurdly expensive mimosa i had with lunch today, and the half a bottle of rum i downed before the VS fashion show viewing party we hosted at school (shhhh thats a secret!), i havent drank anything. ive also (tried) to keep the poor life decisions to a minimum, but that was a major fail….but anywhooo.

i decided to create a list for myself for over winter break. i will be home for a month and a half and i feel as though things are going to get out of hand pretty quickly (judging from the 5 days i was home for thanksgiving….). so here is a list of things i am going to try to keep in mind. while id like to avoid these things, at some point im sure ill get a kick out of trying to check all them off of the list.


  1. DO NOT end up at Lupias. there is no good time for lupias, ever. unless you are doing some type of anthropological research on creepy social settings or something, then maybe. drinking a pitcher of beer is not an acceptable excuse, neither is “i just wanna dance”. no. no no no.

  2. lets rewind for a second….drinking a pitcher of beer, out of a pitcher? mmmmmm…, that just brings swag to a whole other level. that should definitely happen again. maybe this time with one of those curly straws??- oo oo or those straws that you wear like glasses!!

  3. grabbing everyone’s face and telling them “you are SOOOO beautiful. you were always beautiful, but like, now, you are just so so beautiful”. marina, what is wrong with you, people dont like to be groped as theyre drunkenly complimented. seeeesh.

  4. driving 30 minutes on a national holiday to find an open bar. IF ALL OF THE BARS AROUND YOU ARE CLOSED, IT PROBABLY MEANS YOU SHOULDNT BE DRINKING!! ***you shouldnt drink on christmas eve, but i think christmas night is fair game, right?***

  5. do not update your profile picture, tweet, text, reply to wall posts, friend people, or poke someone you knew in 5th grade while intoxicated. will someone just take my phone away please??

  6. your “last” drink should NEVER be tequila…

  7. there is no classy way to drink a 40, so dont even bother.

  8. dont over do Tony’s in the first few days, pace yourself. and dont burn your mouth early in the game, itll be hard to eat another slice for like a week. 

  9. dont go to tonys from 12-2, unless you like seeing everyone you are trying to avoid.

  10. find a DD and stick with em. a good DD is better than a good boyfriend. especially one who will take you to taco bell because you NEEEEED A CHEESY GORDITA CRUNCH RIGHT NOWWW!!!!!!

so lets see how this goes, wish me luck its gunna be a wonderful, fun, longggggg break!

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