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Nov 21, 2011

“I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” 


I get riled up pretty easily, but sometimes- i hear about things that happen and i absolutely flip shit. i get that “i cant sit still” anxious feeling in my stomach and feel like i HAVE TO DO SOMETHING to stop it from happening. well my friends, i have that feeling right now. I usually try to keep things upbeat on here, but this disgusted me so much that I have to talk about it.

Lets have a little chat about UC Davis. If you haven’t seen the video yet, watch it above. if you pay attention to just ONE current event this week, let it be this.

12 peaceful protesters were sitting in a walkway, arms linked, and were asked to move because they were blocking a pedestrian path. When they didn’t move when asked, a police officer walks up to them and pepper sprays them in the face. I AM DISGUSTED BY THIS. As much as I hate the whole occupy wall street movement (more about that another day), this kind of reaction from the police is truly disturbing.i am outraged.

You see, men and women have lost their lives protecting our free speech. I am allowed to sit on here and bitch about the government because of the first amendment. WE ARE SO LUCKY to be able to do so, we often forget it because we have NO idea what its like to not be able to voice our opinions!! It makes me absolutely livid that a police officer felt they had the right to TAKE AWAY 12 STUDENTS FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS!!! how disrespectful to all of the men and women who fought to give us that right. how absolutely un american.

i truly do not believe that all police officers are like this, in fact i believe that most ARE good people trying to protect and serve. what REALLY gets me going about this is that the officers involved were put on “administrated leave”. WHAT?!?!?! they shouldn’t just get fired, THEY SHOULD GET SERIOUS JAIL TIME!!! what they did goes against EVERY THING this country stands for, and they should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. The chancellor of the college should be ABSOLUTELY ASHAMED OF HERSELF. she should take full responsibility for this.

While i completely disagree with the occupy wall street movement, i WILL NOT allow what happened at UC Davis to go unnoticed.

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