17 weeks

Nov 11, 2014

Someone asked Kyle and I how much of our conversations with other people are baby related. We laughed and said all of them. Really about 99% of Me and Kyle's conversations with each other are baby related. We're totally baby obsessed. And as strange and (I'm sure) annoying it is for everyone else, we can't help it- we're totally consumed with this awesome thing we made. It's our life. It's the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing I think of before I fall asleep (usually with my hands on my belly to feel it move around). It's hard to explain until you experience it. I am kind of in awe of how much I love this little human in my belly already, how fiercely I want to protect it, and how much it has changed my life already.

Look at me, changing things up, FRONT BELLY instead of side...

My favorite part of this last week is how we are both starting to become more "aware" of each other. I am starting to feel much more of baby and baby is starting to hear me and react to it's surroundings. I think it's so incredible that we are able to bond with each other months before we get to meet. As much as I am wishing away the weeks so April can get here, I am realizing that this is super special time. I get to spend every moment with my child. We're so close that when I am happy, my baby can feel it, when I'm scared or sad, my baby can feel that, too. I will never get to share my feelings and experiences (and all of my bodily functions....) so closely with another human being as I do with my children, and that is really, really cool. I also realized that as soon as this baby comes out I am going to want to completely stop time from moving. I am going to dread watching my baby grow up. So instead of counting down anxiously until April, I am going to enjoy every second we have together during this time.

On another note, I look and feel like I ate 3 entire chipotle burritos (WITH guac) at all times. I am perplexed and petrified that this baby is going to get bigger. There is no more room for it to grow any bigger comfortably. Key word being comfortably. So I suppose I am just realizing it's going to keep growing and start getting pretty uncomfortable up in here.

How cute is my peanut?...the outline of my peanut.

How far along?  17 weeks (end of month 4) 
Total weight gain/loss: Still in the red 5 lbs, but it certainly doesn't feel it anymore.
Maternity clothes? Yes. We're officially out of regular pants and bras. Also, BIG fan of maternity pants. I highly recommend them to all whether you're pregnant or not. SO much more room. 
Stretch marks? Still good here. The itchy skin is still going strong. I am bathing in coconut oil but it doesn't seem to be helping. 
Best moment this week: SURPRISE PEEK AT BABY!!!  My midwife was kind enough to give me a quick peek of baby at my appointment on my birthday (best birthday gift ever). I CANNOT believe how big baby has gotten since we saw it last (12 weeks). As usual, baby moved the entire time (flips, rolls, arms stretched, waves, hiccups) and very carefully hid its girl/boy parts from mom so I wouldn't even be tempted to find out the gender. It was incredible and I'm still giddy just thinking about it. I still can't believe there is a fully functioning little human in my belly. 
Miss Anything? Hot yoga. 
Movement: We knew baby was active from doppler and ultrasounds, and now mommy gets to FEEL how active my peanut is...all day and night. Baby even woke me up the other night with a nice kick?roll?punch? It's getting strong so fast *proud mom brag*. 
Food cravings: Pizza. All day. Every day.
Anything making you queasy or sick: I didn't get sick ONCE this week!!! WOOHOO!!!! Car rides and mornings are still a little rough, but feeling sooooo much better!
Have you started to show yet: It's gaining momentum. I feel like if it keeps growing this fast I'm going to be a whale by April. 
Labor Signs: None.
Belly Button in or out? Still in, but Kyle looked at it and said it's changing shapes. Also, the scar on my belly button is starting to stretch. It's not too pretty. 
Happy or Moody most of the time: Complaining a lot, but very happy.
Looking forward to: Our anatomy scan next week! More baby watching time? Yes please. 
Gender: We've been calling baby he still. I honestly can't even describe how indifferent I am to whether it's a girl or a boy. Just give me a healthy baby, I'm obsessed it with it either way. I kind of just want to know because I feel like knowing the gender somehow makes it more "real". We'll see if I cave and find out in a few weeks (if baby will cooperate, unlikely). 
Wedding rings on or off? Still on.
Favorite Development this week: Baby's bones are getting harder (you could see them so clearly on the ultrasound) so we should get some super good kicks soon. But then again, with babies crazy activity I don't know why I'm so anxious haha. 

Til next week, xo. 

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