50 things that won't be joining me in 2013.

Dec 28, 2012

1. Taking a nap if I got 8 hours of sleep the night before.
2. Putting off the dishes for “tomorrow”.
3. Pressing the snooze button 2,3,4,5,6,7 times.
4. Impulse purchases.
5. Avoiding returning/ making phone calls.
6. Making a to do list and NOT doing anything on it.
7. Treating my car as my personal garbage dump.
8. Not going to the gym because I don’t want to have to wash my hair.
9. Credit card debt.
10. Not filling up my tank with gas until my gas light’s on.
11. Not trying something because I’m too scared I’ll fail.
12. Any sort of excuse making.
13. Not taking care of myself by: putting poison food in my body because it’s easy, being lazy, caving in to peer pressure, not treating my body like the temple that it is.
14. Treating those around me with less respect than I demand for myself.
15. Being late for work.
16. Feeling inadequate.
17. Passing judgement.
18. Eating because I’m bored.
19. Watching TV from the time I get home from work, until the time I go to bed.
20. Being sad for no good reason.
21. Not taking time every, single day to meditate.
22. Counting the dogs getting loose in the hallway when I open the door as their “daily exercise”.
23. Filling my life with material things to bring myself satisfaction and happiness.
24. Being insecure.
25. Overwhelmingly messy, unorganized apartments.
26. Saying “no” to things because I’m too lazy, or tired, or scared.
27. Giving 50% when I should/could be giving 100%.
28. Putting out negative energy.
29. Not wearing my nice clothes because I don’t feel like ironing them.
30. Spending all of my time wanting what others have, instead of spending my time working towards those things.
31. Buying more books on my Kindle when I have 7 in queue.
32. NOT brushing up on my Italian.
33. Not taking the time to look my best every day.
34. Going to bed without washing my face.
35. Taking the easy way out.
36. Being a hypocrite.
37. Setting my standards low because it’s easier.
38. Pushing people away.
39. Finding the negative in every situation instead of the positive.
40. Binge eating.
41. Biting my nails.
42. Putting hand wash only clothes in the washer, and putting my good knives, pots, & pans in the dishwasher.
43. Not being honest with myself/ others.
44. Avoiding/ tuning out constructive criticism/ taking offense to it.
45. Loving lazily.
46. Not living in New York City.
47. Keeping negative people in my life.
48. Being selfish.
49. Being mediocre.
50. Not taking advantage of my blessings, and opportunities in my life.

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